Dougher Community Fund supports naturalization of Pleasant View lands

Sep 21, 2016

Dougher Community Fund supports naturalization of Pleasant View lands

In December, 2015, the partners in the Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System acquired two properties for permanent protection within the Greenbelt in the Pleasant View area of Dundas. The Dougher Community Fund of the Hamilton Conservation Foundation awarded the Royal Botanical Gardens $11,200 to naturalize the westernmost 43 acres of these lands. Much of this property, known as Berry Tract South, was low productivity agricultural land. It will now be restored to native habitat to complete a valuable natural wildlife corridor between Cootes Paradise and the Niagara Escarpment.

The Dougher Community Fund was established at the Hamilton Community Foundation by Mrs. Isabel Dougher, a lifetime resident of Dundas, to create a lasting gift to help Dundas residents to enjoy the sites, facilities and services that Dundas has to offer. The Hamilton Community Foundation's mission is to drive positive change by connecting people, ideas and resources.

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